Corpus y papa asá

Irene -la hija de la Conchi– luciendo corpus; Inma, como siempre, ‘en la crítica’ y la súper-Pepi bailando con una ‘papa asá’….pasándoselo pipa.

Irene – la Conchi‘s daughter- ‘showing what she gots’;  Inma criticising everything -as usual-  and ‘la súper-Pepi‘ dancing with a hot potato and…..just feeling fine. (We still have local fiestas here 🙂 )

Corpus miradas

Mi gente 🙂

12 thoughts on “Corpus

    • Thank you, tinywhitecottage! So glad to hear you enjoyed these funny ladies. It is not easy to capture in a photo what I am drawing in real. I’m definitely not a photographer…always struggling with light, colour outcome. Well, I have to confess that I do not have a camera; just shooting with my iPad, don’t tell anyone…. 😉 Un abrazo! Rosa

    • Hello Poppy,
      Very kind of you to let me know… You cannot imagine how many times I myself laugh loud out while drawing. But, I have to say that I have great models; that’s crucial.

  1. Tus tres gracias están que se salen, no sé cual de ellas es más “estilosa”… tienen todo el aspecto de marcar el territorio con su sola presencia… mujeres “tremendas” ¿no? 😉

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