Keeping up with the neighbourhood

Now that I am trying to offer a better insight in my blog to my non-Spanish ‘reading’ visitors, I thought I’ll better make clear how my fascinating neighbours are related to each other. Well, at least the ones that have appeared repeatedly in my posts. Be sure you want to know more about them by reading this post, because what follows is a description of rather dense ‘family relations’…

La súper-Pepi’ (or Pepi)

La súper-Pepi’, a funny hyperactive woman, is the mother of Angus and ‘la Pili’ (‘la Pili‘ is the ‘blond’ girl on the scooter, you remember?, with boyfriend ‘er Miguelillo’).

SalfumánCorpus y papa asáFiesta

La Pepi appears in these three previously posted drawings. In the first and the second drawing you can see her standing on the right. In the last one you can only see Pepi’s arms.

‘La Pili’ (or Pili)

Pili, the scooter princess, is Pepi’s youngest daughter. She is 26, 27 or 28 years old (not clear) and still lives at home: not studying, not working and not at all planning to move out. She loves home cooked food; of course, only if prepared by her mother.

La Pili y 'er' JuanSalfumánToy esmayaoDetalle WhatsApp

Here you can see la Pili again. She is the ‘blond’ girl in each drawing.

The Spanish economic crisis is seriously affecting Pili’s future employment, but, as she happily acknowledged, the crisis has also offered her a reasonable excuse to just stay at -her mum’s- home forever! At the moment she’s an unemployed professional hairdresser, however, she still works ‘in black’ now and then, which is truly appreciated by her mother’s friends.


Pepi’s oldest daughter is named María Angustias or Angus. Mª Angustias is a professional Spanish ham cutter; a ‘Maestra jamonera’ who works in a 5 star hotel in Marbella (province of Málaga). Here you can see her at work.

Pernil curado

Cutting ham is an art here.

Angus and Pili do not have the same father. Angus has a gypsy father, who probably will appear later on in my posts. Angus lives together with her husband and their adopted Chinese girl (well, first, the doctors told her she couldn’t get children…!) named Xiao fan (or ‘Fanny’) and…new-born (!) baby la Anilla (or Ana).

Just below you can see Angus’ daughter Fanny. Thus, Fanny is Pepi’s first granddaughter. I haven’t seen baby Anilla yet…so, no drawing…


Er Juan‘ (or Juan)

Juan is ‘la súper-Pepi’s‘ older brother, thus, he is the uncle of Angus and Pili.

La Pili y 'er' JuanToy esmayaoOloroso seco

Here you can see ‘er Juan‘. In each of the drawings he is the man on the right side.

Juan’s children are living ‘scattered around the world’: Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Colombia. He hardly doesn’t see them. Juan is always afraid of immigration, as immigrants could take over the -potential- jobs for his numerous grandchildren, who, actually, do not even live in Spain… However, he is a very nice guy, even to immigrants, but on a more personal level, not in his ‘public’ local pub discourse.


Antonio is Juan’s oldest and best friend, from elementary school. Both haven’t had the opportunity to obtain any further ‘official’ education due to the sociopolitical situation under the Franco regime in the past. But, both know so much about how to grow vegetables and ‘good food’ in general. To me they are creative artists with their pieces of land.

Antonio is –still- working as a farmer and is also…a great cook, while Juan knows how to make delicious homemade wine and spirits like ‘orujo de hierbas’ (which really makes you drunk and I am not a binge drinker). Antonio is married to María José. Antonio and María José live together with María José’s mother (101 (!) years old, also named María José…). They live in a very big house with a huge swimming pool, just in one of the suburbs of Granada City.

Oloroso secoEmprendedor

Here you can see Antonio. In the first drawing he is the man on the left.

María José and Conchi

María José (only few people are allowed to call her ‘Mári‘, I don’t have that privilege yet…), is Antonio’s wife and always taking care of people (not only of her very old mother and her grandchildren, but of anyone!). They say she worked as a nurse before getting married. I think you can imagine who is María José on the drawing below (popping a blister in the middle of the local pub :)).


María José has several very good friends, like la súper-Pepi. One of her best friends (she has so many) is Conchi, who appears, on the drawing above, standing on the chair. María José says that Conchi always pretends to be posh…

Irene and Inma

Corpus y papa asá

Irene, the beautifully curved lady in the drawing above is Conchi’s daughter. Irene is still not married, something mother Conchi is extremely worried about.

Inma, who also appears in this drawing, is the ‘sour’ sister of Pepi’s second husband (Pili’s father, who died several years ago of cancer, though no one in the whole neighbourhood dares to pronounce the word), thus, she is also Pili’s aunt. Inma is always criticising anything and anyone. For example, she didn’t like Irene putting a big red rose on top of her head during the local fiestas. ‘Such a silly way to treat a rose’, she repeated several times. Well, gorgeous Irene is just always following the latest trends in fashion,… so what?

Er Miguelillo (or ‘er Migue’)

The life of ‘er miguelillo’, Pili’s much younger boyfriend (scooter below) is another rather long story, which I will leave for one of my next posts on ‘family life’ in my neighbourhood.


La negra Leonór

Toy esmayaoOloroso seco

And, last but not least, Leonór. I will also tell you more about my lovely Colombian neighbour ‘la negra’ (as people use to call her since she was a student at the Colombian National University in Bogotá), who is a chemical engineer and a fantastic knitter!

For now I think this is more than enough…

Un abrazo, Rosa


37 thoughts on “Keeping up with the neighbourhood

  1. Great Post! Thank you for putting it in english. It strikes me how serious this crisis is affecting just about everyone… But you translate it into stunning artwork! Angus is already my/your favorite neighbour 🙂

    • Hello Mary, I like it so much that you like Angus; she is very special, a bit shy (people normally do not notice her, despite of her fantastic -artificial- haircolour) and a very hardworking perfeccionist. She doesn’t talk much, but she always tells me how happy she is to have a job in Spain nowadays.
      Spanish ham cut by Angus is a different experience.

      • Jajaja, por nada, me hiciste reír sin parar durante un buen rato… Y eso a pesar de mi ingles macarronico y cutre… Tienes manos y mente prodigiosas Rosa de lo Vientos… Espero siguientes posts con verdadera ansia, bye 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing this really colourful neighbourhood:-) Your description gives another layer to your lovely paintings. Looking forward to seeing them often.

  3. Esa familia me tiene de pilas en su seguimiento, ¡híjueli!!!, dicen los mejocanos, como cambia el mundo, ahora con crisis de plata. Ahí voy tras de ti mi Rosa de los Vientos. Pegado a tu cometa sideral. Un Abrazo con una flor de girasol, de esas que siempre siguen el sol mientras yo persigo tus vientos.

  4. Hola querido Guille, jajajaja! Si bienvenido a mi familia en tiempo dosificado pero real. Me encanta que te estás pegando, yo a tu blog tambien. ¿Será que Riverita estaba por aqui tambien…? La próxima que me visitas me traes unas arepitas con huevo, me haces el favor, no mejor con hogao, o….aguate, y un chocolatico caliente por favor, con canela y clavo, que la vida hay que perfumarla.

    • Uy si, son variantes sobre el mismo tema universal. Yo los dibujo y describo desde aqui, simplemente porque vivo aqui, pero hubiera podido ser en cualquier otro lado. Para que veas como parecemos todos, en el fondo. Me gusta escarbar para encontrar precisamente esos detalles del fondo fondo. Gracias Peltre! Saludos.

      • Oh, sí. Los reflejos están en todas partes, Ubuntu significa lo mismo para la gente de Sudáfrica que In lakech para los mayas.
        La humanidad real, sin prejuicios está lejos de la superficie.
        Felices trazos, Rosa. 😉

        • Hola Peltre. 🙂 Me da mucha vergüenza no captar de una todos los títulos de tu obra, que cuando me los explicas siempre me encantan! ¿No te importa que te pregunte no? 😉 Cómo será que yo sólo conocía ese término tan precioso que es ‘Ubuntu’, como nombre para ‘software libre’. Ahora lo busqué y es de una profundidad! Ubuntu…, si sobre eso hay muchas cosas que decir, de muchas formas. Gracias mil! A ver con que sales en tu próxima obra… 😉

          • Nada, que los títulos de mis piezas son crípticos para que la gente pregunte o busque por ahí. Cómo decimos aquí: no dar paso sin huarache. Pregunta lo que quieras 😉 Gracias a ti.

  5. Este lugar tiene mucho arte felicidades!!
    feliz domingo volveré si me lo permites

    • Thank you so much, Mary, and I have learned a new word: ‘whimsical’ 🙂 Hope your new blog is, tecnically speaking, more what you were looking for. You make really beautiful artworks, fascinating. Abrazo, Rosa.

  6. I love these paintings! They are so deep with commentary, humor, pathos! Splendid! Even without the text, I was drawn in (no pun intended!), captivated, and some of them made me laugh out loud! Thank you for offering a bit of their story in English (I’d have followed them anyway!).

    Thanks for your interest in my blog and for sharing these wonderful stories in the universal language of art. (I still don’t know whether these people are actually people in your neighborhood or if they are all products of your fabulous imagination…and I don’t want to know! They are REAL, and that is all that matters!)

    • Dear Camilla, you wrote one of the most beautiful comments regarding my paintings and text! I feel very grateful.

      So happy to hear that you had to laugh out loud, that you enjoyed what you saw, that it meant something to you even if you live somewhere else… That is so important to me!

      I try to integrate, in a fairly messy way, all the daily emotions one can experience in a neighbourhood. Social interaction -and the contradictions involved-, anywhere in the world, is a lot of fun and surprise if you know how to enjoy it.

      Kind regards, Rosa

  7. Everything is much clearer now. You should edit an illustrated book with all these great characters and their little daily adventures turned into beautiful, charming pieces of art. Congratulations!

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