Ensalada ‘mixta’ / Messy salad

Messy salad

– ‘¡Te perdiste!’, -Me dice la Pili esta mañana en el bar en tono de reproche y con cara de indignada. –‘¿Donde estabas, guiri?’-

– ‘Me escapé’, – le contesto.

– ‘¡Tíííía, joderrrr… No nos dijiste ná!’

– ‘No. A propósito’.

– ‘¿Qué te hemos hecho, mujer….? ¿Por qué te ríes? ¡Ve!… Pues, el otro día le dije a “er Miguelillo”: la Rosa ya no nos quiere’.

– ‘No, Pilinguis, es que me he huido del calor’.

– ‘Del calor nuestro será…’

– ‘Estuve donde mis padres… Y ¿sabes?, recién ahora que te estoy contemplando, creo que te he echado mucho de menos… De verdad.’

– ‘Cabrona.’ –me dice la Pili abrazándome fuertemente.

– ‘Y ¿cómo sigue tu embarazo?’ –le pregunto.

– ‘Pues, necesito que me ayudes, tía.’

– ‘¿Dime? ¿Qué pasó?’

– ‘Es que mañana regresa mi madre de la playa. ¡Qué desesperación! Nunca avisa con tiempo…Es una lista. ¡Me da una innnnrrrritación!’

– ‘¿Y cuál es el problema?’

– ‘No te imaginas cómo está la casa. Cajas de pizza por to’ lao. Toda la ropa tirá. Todo lleno de mugre. ¡Un autéééntico desastre!’ Nos tienes que echar una mano, Rosa, “plis-plis”, si no mi madre me va a matar. O peor, nos hecha.

– ¿Es que comiste solo pizza todo el verano, guapa?

– ‘¿Yo?, pues ¡claaarooo!’.

– ‘¿Y ciempiecito, entonces, con qué se alimentó, cariño?’

– ‘Pues con las “ensaladas mixtas” der Migue que vienen con tó incluido. Hasta frutos secos las pone….y quien sabe si arañas, hormigas y omega 3 tambien….. Hubieras visto como me embutía algo de cada color, Rosa…. Todos los días. Y todo por el bien de la familia… ¡Ay, que morro tiene!’

– ‘Where have you been, blondy?’ –La Pili asked this morning at Rafa’s, showing an ugly face of discomfort.

– ‘I sort of escaped, my dear’.

– ‘Ooh, that’s nice, you just didn’t tell us.’

– ‘That’s right.’

– ‘What have we done to you, woman?…Why are you laughing? You see!….The other day a said to er Miguelillo, Rosa doesn’t want us anymore…’

– ‘No, Pilinguis, I was just escaping from the heat.’

– ‘Our way of living is too hot for a guiri like you.’

– ‘Actually, I was at my parents’ place’. Breathing some fresh air. And you know what?’

– ‘What?’

– ‘Now that I am contemplating your being, I think I really, really missed you.’

– ‘You, bitch!’, – la Pili replied while embracing me strongly.

– ‘How is the baby growing? Are you feeling ok?’ – I asked.

– ‘Well, now that you mention it, I need your help’.

– ‘Is there something wrong, Pili?’

– ‘You know, tomorrow, my mum is coming back from Marbella. I feel completely desperate; she informed us so late! How clever!’

– ‘Do I miss something?’

– ‘Rosa, you can’t imagine what the house looks like. We have pizza boxes and clothes just anywhere; every thing is dirty; we haven’t done the dishes for ages. Would you, please, help us, Rosa? Please…? She is going to kill us. Or worse, she may throw us out of the house.’

– ‘Wait a minute. Pizza? Did you eat just pizza? All summer through?’

– ‘Of course, I did! Why not?’

– ‘Oh nooo, Pili… And what about little centipede, sweetheart?’

– ‘Well, little centipede nibbles those horrible messy salads “er Migue” comes up with….just every bloody day. I have even found dried fruits and nuts in them! Probably he also throws in spiders, ants, omega 3, and so on…. I am stuffed, on a daily basis, with nourishing greens, rich reds, beneficial ambers….Everything for family life! Can’t believe it!!!’

22 thoughts on “Ensalada ‘mixta’ / Messy salad

  1. Ahora ya sí que ya estamos todos de regreso… Creo que la Pili se intenta aprovechar de ti… 🙂 Preciosa combinación de colores, sobre todo ese morado/azul del suelo que me encanta… 😉

    • Hola Zarkiño, 😉
      Ufff, la Pili es una descarada de mucho cuidado! Si, tengo que ponerme las pilas con ella. Gracias por avisarme. 🙂
      Y mañana se supone llega la Super-Pepix… Falta un encuentro con el resto de la peña.
      Gracias por lo de los colores del suelo. Me sorprendió.
      Un abrazo, Rosa.

  2. Hey Rosa !!!! Lovely to see you back.
    Pili looks well fed up Lol … no doubt you can make life a little better for her 🙂

    • Hahahaha! Hello Poppy 🙂
      I decided to not do the work alone, forget it 😉 So, instead, I asked a group of neighbours to join me. Have a nice time while travelling! Looking forward to see the phoootooos. X

  3. Lovely to see your art in my reader once more…..and it seems there is much gossip to catch up on. Pili reminds me of my naughty son who also lived on pizza and did no housework while ‘looking after’ our house this summer!!

    • Yes, I am also happy to be back and finally found some time to draw and write. Oh, you have a lovely son!, at least that little glimps on your blog showed he is. Pili lives an ever-ongoing adolescence at her mum’s place (probably even worsened by the current economic crisis young people have to deal with in Spain) and, though she looks much younger, she is already 28 years old now! Instead, er Miguelillo, who is much younger (20) has started to take some responsability. Still loads of gossip coming up! And, yes, living on pizza is a true art!
      Thanks for expressing your thoughts.

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