19 thoughts on “Sobre ‘la Belleza’ / About ‘Beauty’

    • I have tried to -also- capture that special beauty of their souls… you know what I mean, legendary strong characters :D… Seonaid, well, just to let you know, I still don’t have current access to broadband internet at my new place, so I will catch up later with your posts… x

    • Hello Theanne, that is very nice to hear, especially from you, because it’s exactly what I always try to reach, to blow life into my drawings of people. Hope your are doing better, at least it looks like. Love and kisses 😉 Rosa

  1. These are two lovely women – interesting how they pose with their hands touching each other. Obviously know each other a long time and have great affection for each other as well…always love your interpretations and impressions… – J.

    • Hello dear Jeff! I always like your sharp observations and comments. I think there is probably something special about friendships between women in general, the freedom of showing (‘physical’) affection without being judged…? These two adorable friends have shared so many things, litterally a lifetime, both on a professional and a personal level – well, íf that’s meant to be separated in theatre people 😉 -. I also thought that part of their beauty was that connection they have, they are wise aged women that have had to overcome so many social and cultural obstacles in life that my generation doesn’t (at least not in such a degree), but they are still so full of life and fun and they still care about how they look :). I think that makes them so shiny. They made me very happy when drawing them.
      See you soon on your blog!

  2. Your actresses remind me of Georgia O’Keefe. I remember, when I was young, having a treasured postcard of her 80 year old face and thinking ‘When I’m an old woman, I want my face to carry the story of my life, as hers does.’ http://bit.ly/16TLh1N I want every line to remind me of something that I’ve lived, like a map, so I can look in the mirror and remember it all, as I choose.
    Un abrazo

  3. As someone said, you capture the spirit. I would say you paint the spirit. Your painting is psychological in that you capture the state of mind of your subject. I see it because it’s what I try to do. Brilliant.

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