27 thoughts on “Factor 50

    • Esa sombrilla, (sombrillero se dice?) tiene su factor ’50 tambien, o hasta ’60 😀
      Nada de doradas arenas en esta playa del sur, pura piedra, con arena negra. Depende mucho de qué parte del sur… Pero a mi me gustan las piedras, a veces las pinto. 🙂

  1. ¡Afortunados son lus adultos quienes nunca pierden el asombro que encuentran los niños en lo cotidiano! Como tú, Rosa, que siempre encuentras algo bello cuando miras al mundo. Gracias por compartir tu dibujo tan lindo.

  2. This is lovely Rosa, love the detail and colours in the waves; very sculptural. Brings back seaside memories. Russell. (P.S. Being a pale shade of blue myself, I would definitely use Factor 50 then roll in sand for extra sun protection.)

    • Hello Russell! Seaside memories are so special, isn’t it? It is so lovely to see children (and adults 😉 ) playing on a beach…
      The waves, I discovered later by accident (when the drawing was already finished), would have worked out much better upside down, so I will have to go on experimenting with this stuff (collage, drawing and painting)…
      A pale shade of blue!!! HAHAHA. You got the blues, man! 🙂

  3. Ternura… mucha… Ahhhh!!!!! Estos días he visto mucho de eso… pocas cosas hay como el asombro de un niño ante una ola del mar… Esa sombrilla me fascina Rosa de los Vientos…

  4. “Everyday Awe” could be another name for your blog! Your work inspires such feelings. Though I’m not blogging much lately, I continue to follow and observe your amazing paintings and am grateful for their presence in the world.

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