Amenaza doméstica / Domestic threat

Amenaza doméstica rejas
A veces vemos cosas, por casualidad, que nos hacen pensar. Sin embargo, por alguna razón, no actuamos.
Sometimes we see things, just by accident, which make us think. However, for some reason, we do not act.
Amenaza doméstica
Filomena, la vecina de al lado, y la súper-Pepi
Filomena, the next-door neighbour, and la súper-Pepi

18 thoughts on “Amenaza doméstica / Domestic threat

  1. Los colores, la luz … tantas cosas para encantar el ojo. Si yo veo la imagen sin pensar que siento placer!

  2. I love the effect of looking through glass and iron in the first image, so clever……did you make a second image or is the first one now altered?
    Wonderful play of light as always Rosa 🙂

    • For the effect of glass and iron I actually used a piece of plastic in which I bought -earlier that day- a nice ‘family of froggy avocados’. I just put it over the original drawing, so I could keep the original drawing the way it was and also create more debth while taking a photo with my ipad. I love to work with layers. Thanks for asking, Seonaid, you made a sharp observation! Love that. 🙂

  3. El titulo me había hecho pensar en otra cosa, pero detrás de la reja veo que la escena es solo doméstica, sin amenaza. Parece que a la vecina se le ha roto la plancha, quizá después de repasar esos trajes espectaculares para ir de fiesta esa noche 🙂 The Rosa’s mood again !!. Abrazo.

  4. Hi Rosa – I’m walking around your blog, like an art gallery and today I stopped in front of this painting. One thing that always amazes me about art is the way that time is compressed within it – when it’s well-done, as yours is. There’s a whole story that unspools from your image, into the future and into the past, while it shimmers in the present.

    I take my hat off to you. There’s an alchemy that transforms pigment into imagination and it’s a pleasure to see it in action. Thank you for painting.

    Best wishes

    • Through drawing I often try to tell ‘every day’ stories, preferibly ‘simple complications’ 😀 . They are all based on my observations and thoughts on social interaction in daily life. I try hard to capture the (often so ambiguous 😉 ) emotions involved. It seems to me that particularly emotions help to create a sense of time, but I’m not sure.

      I feel so honoured by your observation. Thank you for putting al your impressions in words, Elaine!

      Kind regards,

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