19 thoughts on “The Blue Planet

  1. This is so beautiful, dear Rosa … I adore the hopeful expression of the boy, and his father’s body language. It’s astouding how much you can convey with your drawings! Pero, dime: How did you achieve that wonderful sandy texture? It’s very fitting for the scene, and quite texturally appealing.

    • Dear Heather, I appreciate it so much when you look at all the details. I’m fascinated by body language and it’s just magic when I feel I can capture some of it in a drawing. It’s such an essential part of human interaction and culture and it often encloses such faboulous contradictions.

      I love experimenting with different types of undergrounds. This one had a sandy structure and it was very hard to draw on it, as the structure didn’t always respond to my drawing intentions, sometimes it even crumbled down 😀 . I’m not completely happy with the result, but couldn’t get more out of it. Probably what I most like is that expression of the little boy. Children can be so optimistic, even under difficult circumstances (like parents texting the whole day through) 😉
      ¡Un beso enorme!

  2. Funny didn’t notice the woman was texting too. I had this romantic idea she was enjoying herself and the sea, that the little boy encouraged his father to join her and enjoy real life. But now i realize my stupidity, they are just texting each other, pathetic ! Love it Rosa as usual. I love your abstract sea, sand and sky as well. Un abrazo ;o)

    • I think the idea was better than the final result, I believe that I didn’t reach to make clear enough what the woman is actually up to. I started too small and the paper was too sandy, so at the end the essential details were somehow getting lost. The parents are into non-stop telecommunication, even if they are close enough to get together and simply talk (and enjoy the beach with their son). The boy points out at his mum, like saying ‘she is just over here’. So simple 😉 . Your interpretation fits into the whole idea, I love it. Thanks for observing so well. Bises!

    • Hola cariño, ese planeta azul está cada vez más gris, pero, por lo menos, los niños y niñas de tu taller, tu y yo echamos un poco de color a todo esto. Gracias por tu visita, besote.

  3. As always your beautifully crafted images are more than just pretty…what a great statement about the irony of modern “interconnected” life Rosa…..and it looks as though I’ve missed many great Rosa creations….I have sone catching up to do!!

  4. It’s great that this little boy (you are very optimistic – some hope for the planet) isn’t so obsessed by gadgets that he forgets to look around – his parents are lost in a world of pixels. Again I find your drawings super – I’ll drop by your blog to check all… 😀

    • Yes nowadays parents even have to learn to walk again, this means, taking several steps forward while watching where you’re actually going in the real world … well, little children better explain them… 😀
      Thanks for checking out my Mirada B. I’m not that productive at the moment, not because of a lack of ideas, it’s just bloody bloody hot, a never ending heatwave. Abrazo. 🙂

      • There will be a NOtech generation soon, they will despise all gadgets, they will fight to destroy them, their values and priorities will be quite different! Am I being too sci-fi today? 😀
        Heatwaves are really some sort of “pause” button, I like hot weather, the hot summer is just doing its business, burning everything so that autumn will reappear to finish the work! Temperatures can rise up to 39º/40º but at night and early morning everything cools down! A good day to you! 😀

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